Text Message Banking

Text message banking is simple and secure. Get the answers you need faster and make smarter decisions on the go:

  • Check your balance or receive weekly balance updates via text messages
  • Be alerted to low funds via text and transfer money to your account
  • Receive notfications of large withdrawals or other unusual activity
  • Review your last five transactions for your primary checking account

Text message banking works on any phone that can text. No data plan is required, though users will need to make sure they have a text plan. Standard text messaging fees apply. Want more information? Click here for a demo.

Get started now!

  • Log into your online banking session (to register for online banking, click here)
  • Select "My Settings" in the upper right hand corner
  • Scroll to the bottom till you see "Alerts & Notifications"
  • Click on the right hand side "Start Text Banking Now"
  • Enter Cell Phone Number and select "Activate"
  • Your cell phone will then receive an activation code via text message
  • Enter the activation code on the next screen within online banking
  • Select a primary account
  • Success! Your cell phone is now registered. You may send text inquiries including:
Personal Text Message Banking Table
BAL Primary Account Balance
BAL ALL All Account Balances
LAST Last (5) Transactions on Primary Account
BAL CHECK Account Balance on all Checking Accounts
BAL SAVE Account Balance on all Savings Accounts
HELP Help on Keywords
STOP Deactivate Service