E-STATEMENTS - Safe, Fast, Easy. . .

Now your account statements and/or notices can be delivered to you electronically. An e-mail will alert you when an E-Statement or notice is available.


  • Quick Delivery: E-Statements provide immediate delivery of your statement or notice, unlike your paper statement which relies on the U.S. mail for delivery.
  • Secure: E-Statements are accessed with an ID and PIN. E-Statements also use a security phrase which identifies that the email being sent to you originated from Pegasus Bank. This will help safeguard you against unwanted phishing attempts.
  • Accessible anywhere: Since E-Statements can be retrieved via the email received or from logging into the website, you can access your statement or notice from anywhere in the world. All that is needed is a computer equipped with the recommended system requirements and an internet connection.
  • Environmentally friendly: Receiving your bank statement or notices electronically reduces the usage and impact of our natural resources. You will no longer receive a paper statement and you can easily store your E-Statements to a file on your computer's hard drive.