The Pegasus Team


At Pegasus Bank, we take your banking personally. Our small staff can get to know you and your needs on a level that other, larger banks can’t. Each of us is a phone call or email away, or we’re always happy to meet with you at one of our branches.
With many years of banking and finance experience, we’re uniquely qualified to partner with you on your personal or business banking needs. Most of our employees have been with us at least 10 years, bringing consistency and the ability to build a deeper relationship with all of our clients. Now that’s smart banking.
We look forward to working with you.
Joe Goyne Image
Joe Goyne

Chief Executive Officer

Harry Smith Image
Harry Smith


Jenny Murphey Image
Jenny Murphey

Executive Vice President(br)Chief Operating Officer

Misty Anderson Image
Misty Anderson

Assistant Vice President(br)Personal Banker

Charles Angel Image
Charles Angel

Vice Chairman

Debbie Braun Image
Debbie Braun

Vice President(br)Mortgage Operations

Christine Carter Image
Christine Carter

Personal Banker

David Dienes Image
David Dienes

Executive Vice President(br)Commercial Lending

John Falls Image
John Falls

Senior Vice President(br)Commercial Lending(br)& Branch Manager

Mynan Feldman

Executive Vice President(br)Energy Department

Patrick Johnson image
Patrick Johnson

Senior Vice President(br)Energy Department

Justin Fitzgerald Image
Justin Fitzgerald

Digital Banking

Mark Fitzgerald Image
Mark Fitzgerald

Mortgage Officer

Kimberly Guillot Image
Kimberly Guillot

Assistant Vice President(br)Personal Banker

Nargas Haghighi

Vice President(br)Treasury Management(br)& Business Development

Terri Hanks Image
Terri Hanks

Assistant Vice President(br)Personal Banker

Jami Skidmore Johnson Image
Jami Skidmore Johnson

Vice President(br)Personal Banker

Maria Manas Image
Maria Manas

Senior Vice President(br) Commercial Lending

Marla McCaffery Image
Marla McCaffery


Kailey McCaw Image
Kailey McCaw

Assistant Vice President(br) Personal Banker

Amber Neroes Image
Amber Neroes

Vice President(br)Treasury Management

Missy Pearcy Image
Missy Pearcy

Senior Vice President(br)Treasury Management(br)& Personal Banking

Gaye Rowland Image
Gaye Rowland

Senior Vice President(br)Mortgage Lending

Kathryn Treece Image
Kathryn Treece

Senior Vice President(br)Retail Manager