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Treasury Management


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Treasury Management

Pegasus Bank offers a full range of Treasury Management Services to assist our business clients in managing their organization's day-to-day operations and maximizing their working capital. Advanced technology allows our clients to see real-time account balances, monitor and filter ACH entries, and scan and send deposits electronically.

Some important features of our Treasury services include:

Business Treasury Management Table
Payments and Disbursements Collections and Receivables
Direct Deposit: Electronically deposit funds to your employees' or vendors' accounts through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. Merchant Services: Increase your revenues by offering a full suite of payment options to your customers.
Wire Transfer: A fast and efficient way to transfer funds throughout the U.S. and internationally. Remote Deposit Capture: Make your deposits without ever leaving your office. Daily deposit deadline for next day availability is 6 p.m. CST.
Business Credit Cards: Increase your purchasing power with corporate card options that include rewards. Wholesale & Retail Lockbox: Consolidate your receivables by sending them to a unique P.O. box. Lockbox staff will process the payments and make the deposits.
Online Bill Payment: Pay virtually anyone, anytime using our online bill payment service. ACH Origination: Collect payments electronically. Improve your cash flow as funds are available for use on the posting date.
Zero Balance Accounts: Simplify your disbursement process by automatically consolidating funds from multiple accounts to a centralized operating account. EDI Reporting: Receive timely and accurate reports for electronic payment related information.
Positive Pay: Fight check fraud! Checks being presented for payment are compared to a check-issued list for verification. Any item that does not match will result in an exception item for you to review.  
Account Reconciliation: Streamline your account reconciliation process with robust reports for all cleared and outstanding items.  
ACH Blocking and Filtering: Manage the posting of electronic entries to your business account.  

Information Reporting

Real Time Balance Reporting: Receive real-time balance information on all of your Pegasus Bank via Online Business Banking.

E-Statements: Receive your statement and truncated check images online.

Investment Services

Investment Sweep: Sweep excess funds into overnight sweep products.