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Banking is personal to us.

Health Savings Accounts

Pegasus Bank has partnered with UMB Healthcare Services to provide Health Savings Accounts.

Click Here to Enroll.


Make the Most of Your Pegasus Bank Health Savings Account Provided by UMB.  It's yours to...

Own. The money in your Health Savings Account is always yours, even if you change jobs, switch your health plan, become unemployed, retire or move to another state.

Grow. Your unused HSA balance rolls over from year to year.

Save. HSAs have tax-free deposits, tax-free earnings and tax-free withdrawals.*

Choose. Use for current expenses, save for the future or explore investment options.

It's your money. It’s your future. It’s your Pegasus HSA.


*States can choose to follow the federal tax-treatment guidelines for HSAs or establish their own; some states tax HSA contributions. If you have questions about your tax implications, consult your tax advisor.

A Distinctive Banking Experience

Smart people want smart banking. Best of breed technology, complimentary use of every ATM in the country, and a level of customer service that other banks only dream of.