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Personal Banking Promo

Banking is personal to us.

Take a close look at your next statement from Pegasus Bank.

All of our money market accounts and interest checking accounts will see a sizable increase in the interest that we are now paying. 


This is not a promotion or a limited time offer.

This is a new way of doing business for Pegasus Bank, and it will benefit you, our valued customer.


How does this work?

Effective immediately, and requiring NO ACTION on your part, we have changed our methodology for calculating interest rates on our interest-bearing deposit accounts. Deposit rates will now be more reflective of general market interest rate levels, which have continued to rise since early 2017. And the rates will be adjusted monthly based on changes in the market.


When the Federal Reserve Bank raises rates, you should see an increase in your interest rates.


You’ll benefit from our tiered balance structure.

And with our tiered balance structure, the higher the account balance, the higher the interest rate. Remember, you don’t have to do a thing to start getting the higher interest rates. Rate adjustments are automatic and will be reflected on your next bank statement.


At Pegasus Bank, we value our customers and know you have many investment and savings options. We want you to earn interest rates on your accounts that are competitive in the marketplace while still providing you the distinctive service to which you are accustomed.


As always, thank you for your support and for banking with Pegasus.



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A Distinctive Banking Experience

Smart people want smart banking. Best of breed technology, complimentary use of every ATM in the country, and a level of customer service that other banks only dream of.