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Personal Banking

Banking is personal to us.


Need to receive or send money quickly and safely? Wire Transfers are fast and efficient.  In most cases funds are cleared and settled to your account same day.

Domestic Wire Transfers

Create and initiate domestic wire transfer instructions via our online wire module. The Pegasus Online Wire system will allow business clients to:

  • Create one time wire transfer instructions or save instructions as a template for future use
  • Provide added security measures by designating user limits and approval limits for individual wire transfers and daily amounts
  • Receive e-mail alerts when wire transfers are awaiting approval or submitted for final processing
  • Send and receive wires Monday through Friday until 4:00 p.m. CST

International Wire Transfers

Let Pegasus Bank assist you with your international wire transfers. Clients may create and send international wires via our online system. Exchange rates may be verified after a quick phone call to our wire department.

Online Security

Pegasus Bank is committed to the integrity of our online systems and their respective services. Financial losses to businesses and financial institutions totaled millions last year alone due to cyber fraud.  It is imperative that not only the Bank but our clients also adhere to policies and procedures to protect the validity of the information passed thru the payments systems.  Business E-mail Compromise has quickly become and easy way for cyber thieves to target a business.  Please read this article before sending your next wire transfer.


 For additional information, contact Treasury Management or our wire department at 214.353.3000.

A Distinctive Banking Experience

Smart people want smart banking. Best of breed technology, complimentary use of every ATM in the country, and a level of customer service that other banks only dream of.