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Personal Banking

Banking is personal to us.


Bring the bank to your office. Eligible business clients can now easily scan their check items for deposit and send them to the bank electronically. As a result, you can reduce administrative time and expense associated with deposit preparation activities and consolidate bank accounts from various locations.

How it Works

Pegasus Bank will provide a desktop check scanner; the scanner will need to be plugged into a computer with internet access. Once a deposit is prepared by the client they will simply log in to our Remote Deposit Capture site and scan the checks.  With a quick click command the deposit is transmitted to the bank over an encrypted internet connection. Deposits can be transmitted to the bank until 6:00 p.m. CST for next day availability.


Pegasus Bank's Remote Deposit Capture Service enables you to easily manage you deposits and streamline your operations workflows. Whether you have one business location or many across the country, you can maintain a single bank relationship. All information is at your fingertips stored within our secure remote deposit capture site. You can consolidate and archive the information for as long as needed. Standard reports are available and can easily be printed for your records, or you can choose to customize and create your own reports.

For more information, contact Treasury Management at 214.353.3000.

A Distinctive Banking Experience

Smart people want smart banking. Best of breed technology, complimentary use of every ATM in the country, and a level of customer service that other banks only dream of.