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Banking is personal to us.

Who is Pegasus Bank?

Millennia ago the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon, and the fearsome Gorgon Medusa sired the great winged stallion Pegasus.  And Pegasus bore the hero Bellerophon in his quest to slay the Chimera, the beast of many parts: lion, goat, and dragon.  This beautiful flying horse has been the source of verse and legend ever since, always fueling humans in their aspirations and in their belief that a great achievement is possible with their own resolve and imagination.  Following in this tradition, in 1934 Magnolia Oil Company took this potent symbol to represent their spirited endeavors in the burgeoning oil and gas business in North Texas.  They placed a spectacular flying red horse atop the tallest building in Dallas that for sixty five years served as not just the most recognizable marker in the city's skyline, but as an emblem of pride and accomplishment that signified the city's "can-do" attitude.  More recently, in 2007, two hundred and fifty Dallas investors created Pegasus Bank in that same tradition of Magnolia Oil for the citizens and businesses of North Texas.

We at Pegasus Bank seek to offer our banking customers a different experience than that of the many indifferent and confused financial service institutions that proliferate in our area--institutions motivated more by the price they charge the customer than on providing efficient, prompt service at a fair exchange.

Pegasus' customers come from all walks of life; they include companies in distribution, manufacturing, professional services, energy, and medical and health care.  They include entrepreneurs, retirees, investors and investment managers, and nonprofits.  The common denominator among our customers is that they value and expect the following from our bank:

  • Their phone call to be answered by an actual person
  • A response to their inquiries from a knowledgeable and professional banker
  • Reasonable requests considered without delay
  • 100% operational accuracy
  • Absolute privacy and security

Our Mission Is...

To build a community bank owned by local investors that serves our defined target market.  The bank will serve that target market with strict attention to limiting and controlling risk.  The bank and our employees will be relationship oriented rather than transactional, and customers will normally be expected to use multiple products and services.

The bank will accomplish this mission by adhering to several pillars:

  • Careful selection of investors who reflect the target market and are willing to assist the bank in executing its plans
  • Well defined policies that govern every aspect of the bank, particularly including risk functions
  • Recruiting the most experienced and dedicated staff who understand the goals of the bank
  • Customer development determined by referrals from investors and customers
  • We believe that investing in state of the art technology for both the bank's operations and customer channels will be critical, efficient, and will level the competitive landscape.
  • Our bank will provide customers with traditional banking deposit, loan, and other products that are customized or tailored based on prudent banking practices and the needs of the customer.

Interested in a Pegasus Bank experience?  We hope so.  Please take a few moments to browse a little deeper into our website, then contact us online or by phone at:  214.353.3000.


Joe Goyne



A Distinctive Banking Experience

Smart people want smart banking. Best of breed technology, complimentary use of every ATM in the country, and a level of customer service that other banks only dream of.