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Treasury Management

Direct Deposit Form

This form can be customized for your business.  All direct deposit forms should be kept for a period of (2) years from the date the authorization is terminated. 

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Direct Payment Form

This form can be customized for your business.  Please remember the following applies when you are sending out an ACH debit entry:

1.  Authorizations of a debit entry to a consumer account must be in writing and signed or similarly authenticated by the receiver.  Certain transaction types do not require written authorizations; please refer to the NACHA Operating Rules for further details. The originator must provide each receiver with an electronic or hard copy of the receiver's authorization for all debit entries to be initiated to a consumer account. 

2.  All authorizations must be retained for (2) years from the termination or revocation of the authorization. 

3.  If the amount of a debit entry to be initiated to a consumer account differs from the amount of the immediately preceding debit entry relating to the same authorization, or differs from the preauthorized amount, an originator must send the receiver written notification of the amount of the entry and the date on or after which the entry will be debited at least (10) calendar days prior to the date on which the entry is scheduled to be intiated.  This does not apply if you include a range on the authorization form and the dollar amount of the debit is within the range.

4.  If an originator changes the scheduled date on or after which debit entries are to be intiated to a receiver's account, the originator must send written notifiation to the receiver indicating the new date.  The written notification must be sent (7) calendar days before the first such entry is scheduled to be debited from the receiver's account.  Variations in debiting due dates due to weekends or holidays are not considered to be changes in scheduled dates. 

Direct Payment Authorization Form

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